Monday, May 3, 2010

Great NSD Weekend!!!

What a fun weekend. Had a BBQ with friends on Friday.  I got to go to my card club on Saturday.  I made some crafts with my 10 yr old daughter and today after work I was able to sneak some time to take part in a few challenges on My pink stamper.  The great thing about the challenges is that I work better with less time.  On Saturday at my card club, I only made a few bookmarks and one card.  I was there for at least 4 hrs.  Maybe because we are chatting and sharing ideas.  I also put in another SU order in.  (They are discontinuing some colors I like, so I had to stock up on them.) I love getting together with the club, I just tend to chat a lot :). Anyways I had way less time after work tonight and made better progress.

I did get to go on ebay and get Sweettreats and Forever Young carts.  I have been drooling over these carts for a little while now, but I was only going to buy them if I got a good deal and I did.  Yae!!!  Can't wait to use them. 
Here are the bookmarks I made and my card.  Hope you like them.

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